My name is Shauna Wells and I am the owner and lead photographer here at Olivia Andrew Photography. So where did Olivia Andrew Photography get it's name? It is the middle name of my two beautiful children, Reagan Olivia and Drayton Andrew.  I love photography, the ability to freeze time, to capture a personality and to create a memory. From a child's first few days of life to a Wedding there is so many memories to be made and I want to capture every one. 

My faith and family come first but photography isn't far behind. It is such a joy to be able to do what I love.  I love pushing my boundaries and trying new things or going new places. I enjoy learning and am continually taking courses from renowned photographers both in person and online.  I also love props (what photographer doesn't) so there is always something new coming into the studio.  I believe that it's important to not waist time when I've got the perfect shot I'll move on, however, I am not afraid to take the time to rock a newborn back to sleep, play a little peek-a-boo to help a toddler warm up to me or meet with and schedule a wedding day so that it runs smoothly.  You are what is important, not just the image I create, and I believe that shows in my work.


I look forward to meeting you and creating the perfect art work that you will treasure forever.