We strive to make each newborn shoot as comfortable as possible for both you and your little one. Each session can last up to 4 hours depending on baby. Here are 10 tips when preparing for a newborn shoot and what to expect from them to help things go smoothly and quickly. 


1) We like to book the session in the first 5 to 10 days after baby is born.  This is important in getting the balled up poses, and head in hands poses that everyone loves.

2) It is 80° plus in our studio during a newborn shoot. This temperature is purposely set to keep baby comfortable while they are naked.  Please dress or bring clothing to fit this situation.  

3) Bring extra clothing. During the family portraits baby is usually naked, peeing or pooping may occur and it is nice to have clean clothes to travel home in.

4) Please wait till you get to the studio to feed baby, this helps them stay asleep longer. Baby's tend to want to eat more during a photo session. This is because they are being moved around and when a baby wakes up it's time to eat even if it's only been 30 minutes, especially when breast feeding. This is where #5 comes in handy. ;)

5) Please bring a pacifier. Even if you do not think you child will take it, we work wonders and it will help the session go quicker. (If you do not use one we understand and do not try to force it on them.) 

6) Bring plenty of diapers and formula for the baby. If you are breast feeding bring any snacks and beverages you need. We keep bottled water in the studio. 

7) If you are bringing a sibling please bring something to keep them occupied along with snacks and drinks. If you bring a movie player or something with sound please bring headphones. We will have womb music playing to aide in baby's comfort and it is sometimes distracting to someone trying to listen to a movie etc.   

8) Moms, you may need to bring your pain medicine, we have comfortable chairs and a couch but most of our moms choose to sit or stand closer to the sets you may get sore. 

9) Please feel free to bring special hats, blankets, blocks etc. We are happy to include those items in the session.  Please also note that clothing tends to look frumpy on newborns so we like to stick to wraps, or sets designed for newborns. We have lots for you to choose from and are happy to show you examples.

10) Don't worry!!! We have children and yes we know that if you take their diapers off you are just asking for it. All of our props are washed with baby detergent and are cleaned regularly. We expect to get pee and even poop on our props or us ;) We have had a few session where that didn't happen but many more where it did.  So sit back and enjoy the session, we can't wait for you to see all the wonderful images we can create!


Baby's safety and comfort is our number one priority.  We believe in composite shots, which is the safest thing for baby. Here is an example of a composite shot, notice the baby is always supported. 


We look forward to meeting your new, precious little one. Thank you for this opportunity.